Monday, March 29, 2010


The wonderfully, zany (in a good way) Shay over at Quilting in My Pyjamas, has been sharing the love and gave me a Beautiful Blogger award.  How nice, and she hasn't even seen me yet!  It is the first award I have ever received.

The rules are:
1. Thank the giver.
2. Reveal 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass it on to 5 bloggers you admire.
Rules are made to be broken, but today, meh, I am going to stick to the rules.

So here goes....

Thank you Shay.

1.  I fell down the steps at Wynyard Station in Sydney, I was wearing a dress and my heel caught in the hem of the dress.  The dress ended up around my ears, my handbag went flying, and everything fell out of it, and I mean everything.  A kind gentlemen helped me up and helped me put all my stuff back into my bag. I was more embarrassed about the contents of my bag than my dress around my ears.  I looked hot fabulous, slim etc. back then.
I survived, only my pride was hurt.

2. I cannot go anywhere unless my hair is shiny clean.

3. I can't make a decision to save myself, procrastinator is my middle name.

4. I don't like confrontation, I am a wooz (is that how you spell it). Which is fabulous when you have a teenage daughter.

5. I have a mind like a sieve. You can tell me all your secrets as I will never remember them, and I won't be able to tell anyone else.

6. My first career I trained as a primary teacher, loathed every minute of it. Second career, accounts, not so great either, but then went into credit control, loved that as had to talk to people all day long.  If you are nice to people and "bug" them enough, they usually pay.

7. I love making things, I really get a kick out of producing something, especially when I design it myself, and that's why I am having so much fun now, as I have time to make things and show the world 5 people, yippee.

Now for the really really hard part, trying to pick only 5 amazing people:

wish upon a star   Renata, I know in real life, she has a kind heart, and two great kids.  I have known her since we met at our children's school. Renata is a nurse and can resuscitate me if needed -  a good friend to have!!!!!!!!!

dandelion dreamer Moira is lovely, she is so creative and makes beautiful paper fabric, and then does fabulous things with it, including adding fabric, machine embroidery and stamping, I am amazed at her creativity. She also knows a thing or two about sewing machines!

Eternally Distracted is a fabulous writer, very funny daily happenings in a foreign land. She is Scottish as are most of my relatives and her baby Max is Australian, a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.

Curlypops,  another blogger who is a wizz with the sewing machine. Cam is very talented and creative, she has some great tutorials on her blog with clear instructions, even I can have a go at them. I will certainly be checking out her goodies at the markets when and if I ever get back to Melbourne.

Cynthia from Home Matters 1st, my hat goes off to Cynthia as she home schooled her daughter. I am always amazed how mothers can home school, I would have killed Bitchypoo when she was about 10 if I had home schooled her. Cynthia is also going to Italy in 2012, how good is that!!!!

And I would have put Quilting In My Pyjamas here, as we are twins separated at birth, however as Shay shared the love with me, we might end up in a never ending loop of love if I send it back.

PS  Please don't feel pressured into sending it on to others. Remember rules are made to be broken.


  1. Oh wow, thanks for those lovely kind words Marg! I'm a big wooz/woos too!
    I worked in credit control for a while, and I hated it. Everyone just told me lies and never paid...hee hee

  2. Awwwwhow lovely Marg. Thank you!I just love the way we are so far apart but united with our love of creativity. XXX

  3. Thank you so much for saying I was one of your favorite 5 (or was that one of the only 5?!?!) This blog started out as something totally different than what it is now and I know that it will change in time as I change. I love the fact that while blogging we can meet so many people and become a part of their lives. Thanks so much Marg, you are a wonderful woman.

  4. btw i only resusitate for a living not for fun!!!


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