Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ooh ooh ooh guess who I met!

Last night my friend R and I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful person.

I admit, not a great photo and I think I would be severely pissed if someone posted a photo of me pulling a face as opposed to looking serene and beautiful. However, she still looks gorgeous and she is a wonderfully down to earth person so hopefully I will not be severely punished for posting it. However for the purpose of this post I needed to have a photo without too many clues, to keep you guessing, and this was it. 

Have any idea? Yes, no?
Does this help?


Or maybe this?

Or what about this?


By the way that is my very wrinkly hand in the last photo, oooooh, do they do botox on hands?????? And doesn't my outfit match the cushion, .....noice!!!!!

Yes this is, Kylie Kellie Wolfsohn, an Australian quilting "rockstar" at least in my book, she is. You can find her blog Don't Look Now, here  I like her work so much, yep, I can't even get her name right. Thanks R for that.

Kellie is here this weekend, teaching a class, unfortunately I didn't get to do the class as I was a bit slow and didn't know about it until it was too late and the class was full. Don't you hate that. However I have booked and am weight listed on her next one in September. Woohoo.  Hopefully enough people will fall out beforehand so I should get in.  Fingers, toes and eyes crossed.  Of course it won't have anything to do with me finding names and addresses of all those people already on the list in front of me and then "fixing them up" so to speak. I wouldn't do I wouldn't,........... not really.................

PS What's with the photos, they wouldn't centre, maybe that's my punishment for posting the first photo.

PPS She is going to the States in May so if you are going to the quilting thingy, hey its Sunday morning early, I can't remember, but it's a quilting show, maybe trade show, she will be there and you HAVE to meet her.


  1. you dill its Kelly, i told you not to drink so much! tch tch

  2. Thanks Renata, hey it was early and I was tired when I posted this, and you should have tried to stop me last night, oh hey you did that's right, you tried to drink mine as well. lol.

  3. Dear Marg-the-enforcer,

    Sounds like you had a great time!

    Love her quilts, and how exciting that you might take a class with her. Kaffe Fassett is meant to be coming out to Australia next year.I'm tempted I must admit. I love his use of colour.

    And I dont believe they botox hands...but if you find someone who will do it can you email me?

  4. Shay....Ooh I didn't know Kaffe was coming to Aust. I don't know anything!!!! If you go I will go, I will even fly down south to see him. I have loved his work and the colours, since I first saw his knitting and embroidery books, many many years ago.

    No Renata that is not my boob in the photo, thanks a lot, gravity does happen with age, but that is my knee underneath my long shirt ...... remember. And they are not that pointy.


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