Monday, March 8, 2010


Unlike some other people, I had a very uneventful and quiet weekend. I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D, good movie, but certainly not for little kids, very Tim Burton!!!

I did as much as I could on my hearts quilt, I am waiting for a delivery, for the rest of the fabric. Fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow. It is now in the WIP pile, along with the Japanese fabric quilt that I am too scared to start appliquéing yet. Pathetic, I know.  I also finished quite a few more squares on my throw. I now have about 25 sewn together and another 20 or so loose. I only need to make another 300 or so!!!!  I think it might end up being a very small throw.  Unfortunately everything I am making at the moment is not something that can be finished in a day or two.  Rather than showing endless photos of the same thing each week, I thought I would share some more things growing in my garden.


Ginger - it has a beautiful scent


Hibiscus - actually it is my next door neighbour's but is growing over my fence.

Some weird fungi


Bromeliad- it will be completely vivid pink in a few weeks.

Cordyline - how about that for coloured leaves!!!

And finally, in my entry area

These had been put out in the garden after they flowered last year, neglected, I found them last week and brought them inside. SO pretty.

I live on 3 acres so all these flowers and plants are not right next to each other. I love colour, but not that much.

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  1. How beautiful your garden must be. I cant garden at all to save myself.

    The hibiscus is beatiful. I have one in pink I havent managed to anihilate yet. (Give me time)


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