Monday, March 22, 2010

Op Shop/Thrifting

Today, after a walk along the Noosa River, (I really do need to post some photos of that so you can see how lovely the view is on our walks,) we visited a couple of stores, one a second hand furniture store, the other an Op Shop/Thrift Store.
I found some lovely embroidery pieces, I am not sure what I am going to do with them but I am thinking about using them as centre panels in some quilts or cushions. They were all scrunched up in a basket and are now a little lot more crushed than when I found them as one of the cats decided they would be a nice place to nest.

There is a small mark on the one below, I am not sure how I am going to get it out, it looks permanent.

I also found these beautiful wool embroidery skeins, look at all those lovely colours.

Before we found these beautiful things, we went to a second hand furniture store. This store specialises in buying bulk from holiday rental apartments when they are redecorating, so most of the hideous stuff in there is either floral, cane or a fabulous combination of both from the eighties. We came across this piece which was a BARGAIN total rip off $225.00 It looks ok in the photo, but there was no way I would pay that for it.

Then there was this piece below, it had been painted off white and had gold trim which could have been great if stripped and painted properly, but look at the huge burn mark on the top and they wanted $145....yes.....for that.

This is one of the problems with living in paradise, they think everyone has a trillion dollar income. Well we don't and even if we did we shouldn't have to pay those prices for second hand furniture.

At least we finished on a high note with the embroidery and wool.


  1. Those pieces are hardly even worth that much new!

  2. Tell me about it, that's why I never buy any second hand furniture anywhere around here.

  3. Love your vintage linens.

    My Mum swears by sard wonder soap. Im a big fan of soaking in OxyAction or Napisan. Neither of those things would be likely to bleach out the rest of those beautfiul colours, even if they didnt work.

    Agree with you and Curly that the furniture prices are a total rip off.

    I collect vintage sheets. Dont you just love old fabric and linens?


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