Thursday, March 18, 2010

I do have a life

On Saturday night I travelled to Brisbane for the Comedy Festival.  I went with a girlfriend who had free tickets to see Peter Helliar.  I must admit I wasn't too enthused before hand, as I didn't think he was particularly funny on the TV programme Rove, however we were very pleasantly surprised, he is very funny and much better live.  We had a great night, except for the hour and a half drive back home in the rain, grrrr. I was really miffed that we had missed Adam Hills,  a very funny comedian who has performed all over the world, who had been here the week before. Maybe we will get to see him next year. We were also planning to have dinner in Brisbane, but there was hardly any parking left so we grabbed it as soon as we found the venue and then it was too far to walk to any of the fantastic New Farm restaurants, another grrrrrr.  There is a restaurant at the venue but it was closed for a private function, gggrrrrr again, so we made do with a gin and tonic and a shared bowl of chips with much for my diet.

Monday night I went to see Remember Me with another girlfriend. (I am so lucky that I have all these girlfriends I can go out to the movies etc. Especially as the calibre of men around here is not so good, they are either too old, gay or married. Not that I am looking or anything, just wanted to point that out in case you were wondering.)  I digress, back to the movie....... I had not seen any reviews of Remember Me, and had no idea what it was about.  I am not a huge fan of Robert Pattinson, he is too dark and broody for me.  However it was a really thought provoking movie and had a twist at the end. I can't decide whether to recommend it or not, as I was harrumphing during the movie and getting annoyed with some of the acting etc, but then the ending was mind blowing and made up for all the bad bits.  You can see I am a fabulous movie reviewer, can't you, maybe I should try that instead, don't spit out your coffee in amazement.


  1. My nephew went to see Peter Helliar at Fringe here a couple of weeks ago and said he was very good. I am not a fan. Didnt think he was funny on Rove or Before the Game.

  2. I agree with you Shay, would not have gone if I didn't have free tickets. But I was pleasantly surprised he is much much funnier and a lot better live. Never saw him on Before the Game.


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