Monday, March 15, 2010

My helper

At the end of last week I started putting together the wadding and backing of my quilt, as I was trying to straighten it out and make sure it was perfect, I had a little "helper".  She kept on jumping on to the table walking across the quilt and would then curl up on it.  After nicely putting her on the floor or the chair a few hundred times, she became a bit miffed and went and sat in this. She doesn't look very impressed.

Today I whipped up these.  I found it hard to find the right greens in my stash of wool, once I decided I had to make them. Green is definitely not my favourite colour but I think these are pretty cute.

I think next time I would use greens with a bit more contrast, so you can see the peas in the pod a little better.

The pattern for the peas is in 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet by  Lesley Stanfield, I purchased it from Amazon. It is fabulous and has patterns for flowers, leaves, fruit and vegetables.


  1. Ok, I have to DID you make those peas?

    They're so cute!

    And (completely random) is the door in the cupboard behind the kitty really made out of an old plantation shutter? O.M.G. where do you get all your beautiful furniture?

    I am also in love with your kitchen table.

    I know I sound over wrought dont I? Long day at a conference. Pent up energy. Sorry....

  2. I also love the peas! Would love to know where you got the pattern, please share if you can. I have four cats (a freind once called me cat lady!) They love to sleep on my material and the kitten is pretty "helpful" when it comes to my sewing. Your kitty is beautiful!

  3. how sweet are those peas? i love them.


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