Sunday, March 21, 2010

I really need to proof read more accurately

Before you read this, you need to read this, as I am referring to my last post.  Go on, scoot back and read that and make sure you read the comments too, then this will all make sense to you. Go on, I will be waiting here till you get back.

Now first , I not only posted a crappy photo,( I think she still looks's probably not the most flattering photo that she would want to have plastered on the net of her), but even worse than that,  I  called her Kylie.  I am now beating myself with a big stick, might even go so far as to wear a horsehair shirt, maybe not, probably couldn't find one even if I looked. I feel very very very very bad. At least I called Kellie, Kellie, when I was talking to her. I have no idea why I typed Kylie, I don't even know any Kylies. It's as bad as calling The Rolling Stones - The Rolling Rocks, or David Cassidy, Don Cassidy.

Now I have a huge big thank you to Renata, for letting me know I typed that, at least I was able to change it, not long after I posted it.

Now secondly, some of you might notice that there is the odd reference or two to alcohol consumption in my posts.  I think it might be pertinent to tell you that I don't drink very often and last night I had a tiny half a glass of champagne. That was it, nada, no more.  Oh and I did have a drink with dinner afterwards, but I do not, I repeat do not drink buckets of alcohol. Sometimes I wish I did because then I could have used that as an excuse for calling Kellie Kylie.

So my heartfelt apologies to Kellie and to anyone who thinks I am a raging alcoholic.

I am just really bad at proofreading.


  1. Laughing so hard here Marg...and you know accepting you have a problem is the first step to recovery because your protests about alcohol sound like denial to me. ...hehehe.Just kidding. We all know you're not a lush.

    And I'm sure Kylie ...err I mean Kellie doesnt mind a bit . (now you've got me doing it )

  2. Is it just me or does the Rolling Rocks have a certain ring to it?!!! ;0)


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