Sunday, March 28, 2010



Botanic Gardens and Brisbane River

I have just come back from a weekend in Brisbane. Bitchypoo and two of her girlfriends went to the Lady Gaga concert.  As it is coming up to her birthday I took them to Brisbane for the weekend, and out to the Entertainment Centre last night to see Lady Gaga.  I thought this was a much better option than having a party, and dealing with gatecrashers, underage drinking and anything else that lovely teenagers can dream up to send me to an early grave.

Staying in Brisbane also meant that I could go to the Craft Expo and not have to drive a zillion miles there and back. I was intending to just have a nice look around as I already have 500 (I don't exaggerate, ever) quilting projects lined up to last me until I am about 75 yrs old, so I didn't need anymore fabric or patterns.  However need and want are two totally different words, aren't they. All those beautiful quilts, metres and metres of fabulous fabrics,  they wooed me.


.................these may, or may not have come home with me. Along with some other fabric that may, or may not be waiting to have photos taken.


  1. I'm seeing chenille ...and it's making my heart beat faster. I love chenille!

    And I love that top picture of fabric that may or may not have come home with you...

  2. Thanks Shay. I should have mentioned that the chenille and the next photo down are all part of a kit. The Amy Butler fabrics are flannel. Yes chenille and flannel, infintiely practical for Qld, but boy it will look good. The top photo, all bar the red on the right, are linen. Have no idea the name of the fabric as there is nothing on the selvedge and the woman who was selling it was acting like "secret squirrel" and wouldn't tell us anything about it.

  3. Wow, what a wonderful weekend! Lady GaGa and fabric - could life get any better?!?! I think that the material that may or may not have come home with you is stunning. I really like the fabrics in the bottom photo.

    Wish I could have been with you for both wonderful events! Glad you had a good time - even though you had teenagers!

  4. Lady Gaga? Very jealous... I am sure you could make her another funky outfit with the fab fabric :)

  5. I can just see Lady Gaga in a little baby blue and pink chenille number.


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