Friday, June 4, 2010


My dining table, when I decided enough was enough for the time being on those pesky shitty snowball blocks. Out of sight, out of mind, seemed appropriate. So I packed it all up into a nice Ikea box, pretty!, with a lid, so I wouldn't have to see them any more. Until I decide I can face round three doing a few more. Now I know why Karen suggested just doing a few once a week. Although does that mean I just protract the hideousness of it all? Which is worse get them all over and done with quickly or take it slowly and do a few each week?

Look how beautiful my dining table looks now, much better.  The cat scratch pole/house multi story apartment block in the background is a nice touch, isn't it.


  1. Good idea to put it all away and take a break from it. You will do better when you go back and I'm sure the quilt will turn out wonderfully.
    I'm afraid sewing can bring out my worst side too and my language becomes colourful too !

  2. I still think you might love it when it's togther. I'm thinking the snowball blocks don't have as lot of punch when you look at them as individual blocks - but the quilts look great when they're all done.

    I have several of those boxes stashed around the house (you know the ones - "half finished projects that make me want to vomit " boxes...)

    Press ahead - and then vow never to make another snowball quilt ever again.

  3. Oh, I know it's prolly mean to laugh, but your frustration posts were hilarious. I have had several projects I've wanted to throw across the room, but never stab with a knife, LOL! I'm with Mrs. P, don't get rid of them yet. I think when you sew them together or use an alternate plain block you will like them better. Use those lovely white 5" charm packs maybe?


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