Monday, June 21, 2010

The joy of living with pets!

A disclaimer :  No cats or dogs were harmed for this blog post.

My vacuum cleaner was recalled and I had a choice of having it repaired or buying a new one at a very discounted price. I chose to buy a new one. I was unpacking it when I turned around and saw this.

I nearly had a heart attack, ran to get him out.

At least the bag was wide open, so before I pulled him out, I just had to pick up the camera (which was right next to him, very fortunate, thanks Bailey) and take a pic.  

Maybe he has been watching too many movies, and was recreating "The Cat in the Bubble".

Somebody I should have told Bailey not to play with plastic bags. It's like having a small child around, I'm going to have to make everything Bailey - proof.

Now I just need to work out how to stop this. 


  1. I think you should put Bailey on suicide watch. That's at least one life less he's got to play with.

    And as for your dog- I have one word- Mousetraps....I'm going to start putting them on my outdoor table because Indy thinks it's hilarious to jump up on there (which makes him about 8 feet tall...)

  2. Bailey is already down one life, he jumped off the verandah when he was a kitten, I'm hoping he went off the low side which is only about 3 metres, the high side is at least 6 metres.
    That's my bed, with my luck, I'd forget and go to bed and mousetrap myself, ouch!

  3. LOL! What do you think cats have claws for?

  4. Oh my! And yet, Bailey appears perfectly content. He was probably testing your reflexes or something. ;-) Your pooch is equally adorable, and also looking very content. LOL! You've got some very delightful quilt inspectors there. :-)

  5. My pup does the same thing as yours. She also loves to knock the pillows off the bed and the sofa! The part that gets me mad is when she uses my good pillows to wipe her mouth off after eating!

    Your kitty is so cute in that platic bag. Hmmm...pets, partners and children all fall in the same category - TROUBLE!


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