Sunday, June 20, 2010

Follow up

Thanks for your lovely comments on my latest quilt. It is nice to know that something I have slaved on created, gets the thumbs up.  I need to clarify something though, which says an awful lot about my really crap photography skills. This quilt below

Is not black and white, but Japanese indigo fabric. 

Here is the roll before I started. This is a pretty accurate photo of the colours of the fabric.

Here is another close up photo I took today, I used the flash this time and it shows more clearly that it is dark blue.
Again, the wrong colour, but at least it looks blue! 

I'm off to find somewhere I can take photography lessons.

Before I go.

This is what I tried to start this weekend, a table runner in Bar Harbor from Moda. I have used part of two charm packs, as there were quite a few nautical prints I didn't want to use in this one. I think I have enough nautical prints now to do something very nautical with the rest.

I didn't get very far with it as every time I put some more squares down, the cat would jump up on to the table and smoosh them all up.  After a bit of cat wrangling, I quickly took this photo and gave up.


  1. The photography looks pretty good to me... but then i am normally the one that cuts of everyones hits (in pictures of course!!)

  2. I think that fabric would be hard to photograph regarless of the skill of the photographer (and you're not a terrible photo taker anyway)

    Love the colours and fabrics in the runner . What line is that?

  3. wow - I love the Japanese quilt!

  4. Ah yes, now the blue is clear! And the quilt is still gorgeous. :-)

  5. I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT QUILT!! I have a thing for the indigo Japanese print and those blossoms you added, just perfect. I am going to have to come back again and drool over this one!! Where did you get the indigo roll?? Did you make the binding? So Clever :-) PS I thought the photo was great!

  6. Now I see the flowers! I love the quilt and love the material. If you find a good photography class, let me know - perhaps I will come over and take it with you!! Heaven knows I need it.


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