Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Days

Here's my latest finished quilt top, the first photo was taken in the evening so the colours aren't fabulous. Renata was here so she helped me by holding it up (she's tall) not like me.

Here are some more photos taken late this afternoon. The light is a bit better and the colours are more true. This time my angel stood on a chair so she could hold it up. I was going to lay it out on the grass as I really think it would be lovely as a picnic throw, but of course, we haven't had any rain for the last two weeks and we had showers today!

  I don't remember sewing that into the bottom of the quilt.

Ah ha, of course, here is one of my lovely little helpers! The back end of one of my lovely little helpers.

 Here he is looking at my lovely quilt. I am hoping he thinks it looks better from this side.


  1. Really lovely. And not a snowball in sight!!! I've been playing around with a square in square idea for a top so I might end up being a copycat.


  2. Wow Marg, I really like the fabric you chose. The quilt looks really nice. Will you quilt it or send it off, or be like me and let it lay around for a year or two before you decide? I think it is funny that you have a photo of your cat's backside. Why is it that when you take photos of animals they always show their backs - do you think they are telling us something?

  3. Thankfully you didn't sew the cat into the bottom... that would just be wrong ;)

  4. Beautiful! Such a cheery quilt. Happy colors. So glad your feline quilt inspector is giving it a thorough inspection. Once it has the kitty seal of approval, you know it's awesome. ;-)

  5. I have just found your blog and must say enjoyed reading it!! What a great time waster - I just read the whole thing... Lookign forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.

  6. I hope he gave it the stamp of approval :-) I can't see what you were worrying about before? Did you fix it??


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