Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It would have been nice......

In the last week or so the nights have been very cold here. I wish I had started this quilt a long time ago, so I could have been using it now.

It included all those lovely chenilles above and these gorgeous pieces of Amy Butler Love flannel.

Instead I have been working on these, and I am sure you remember my snowball block saga from 
herehere and here.  I am now a teensy bit embarrassed about those, as lovely Karen has now put a link to all the people who are joining the snowball night on her blog . Now I am going to be famous for being very rude about my snowball blocks and all the nice people who are enjoying making the snowball blocks are probably going to think I am a very rude blogger and a really crap quilter.

Another thing I have been working on is this

and also a couple of other crochet "things" that are top secret, which I can't share right now.

Tonight I could have beeen snuggling up under a beautiful chenille and flannel quilt handmade by moi. But no, I put it off as I was worried about cutting into the chenille. Even if I start it today, I probably won't have it finished before the nights start getting warmer again. We have very short winters here.  Maybe I'll have something to look forward to in winter 2011.


  1. Your granny square afghan is gorgeous! Yummy! As for people reading your snowball block blogs, I'm sure most will be sympathetic. We've all had blocks that proved extra challenging and drove us nuts.

  2. First off, I am jealous that you have short winters. We had a really cold and snow filled winter this year. Your Granny Square pillow and throw are wonderful. I am like you, I would hate to cut into that wonderful material. It will make a beautiful quilt when you have the guts to cut it.

  3. Amy Butler and chenille .....Divine. My toes are freezing off right now and judging from the amount of snow falling in Thredbo its going to be a cold winter. You may regret not jumping in at the deep end with this one??


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