Monday, June 14, 2010


I used to have a bunch of pots outside on the deck near the pool, miles away from the house kitchen.  They were out there as it is near the garden hose. In this part of Australia we either have too much rain, or no rain.  Anything in a pot needs to be near access to water.  We have tank water and bore water here, unfortunately or fortunately (if you don't like the taste of chlorine etc in your water) no town water for me.  In these pots I had all sorts of herbs and lettuce. They were great and last year I used lots of home grown herbs in my cooking. However the last half of the year we had no rain, and I had to water them daily, which wasn't exactly fun, especially when it was so far away from the house. Then we had months of torrential rain and I didn't need to water them. No we are back to very little rain, and I forgot to water them.  Sad to say they are a very sorry sight now. You might want to skip the next two photos, they are not pretty.

I found some cute little containers that I could put on the outdoor table on the verandah outside the kitchen, and bought some new bright cheery perky herbs. I also had some white Ikea pots and put some herbs in those too.

Italian flat leaf parsley, thyme, chives, basil, oregano,mint, baby spinach, Vietnamese mint, coriander and lemon grass. That part of the verandah faces north so it gets lots of sun during winter.

Now I have herbs right outside my kitchen door.


  1. I am a plant murderer of the highest order. I;m surprised plant nurseries still let me through the doors. (And I still have a herb garden in a box I havent planted- I guess now is not a good time to start?)

    Your new greenery looks yummy enough to eat. Good luck with keeping it flourishing!

  2. Lovely! We have an herb bed too. Got to enjoy those fresh herbs.

    Living on the outskirts of the Mojave Desert, we can always count on needing to water. Since it is tough to keep on top of it every day, we put in an irrigation tube with drippers. It's on a timer, and the whole thing is connected to an external faucet. It's not difficult to do.

    Had to resort to this because we killed a lot of plants before relying on this system. :-)

  3. Mrs P, we are definitely twins separated at birth.
    Michelle, I do have an irrigation system, but I haven't used it for years and it would have been helpful if I had thought of using that earlier.


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