Sunday, June 27, 2010

There is more than a tail.....

You remember these pictures of Lulu, well part of Lulu? Some of you one of you doubts that Lulu has a head, you know who you are!

Here is Lulu, posing for the camera, to prove that she is more than just a pretty tail.

Proof reading helps!


  1. Are you talking about me ?

    Pfttttttttttt...that could be the cat down the road for all I know...

    I want video of you screeching that cat's name and it responding , and I want to see it's whole body and head while you do it. That's the only proof I'm accepting that you dont have a headless cat.

  2. Lulu is quite photogenic once she puts her mind to it, isn't she? ;-)

  3. Wow, we finally get to see her full body! She is a beauty!

  4. She is just like my Minnow isn't she!!


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