Sunday, June 6, 2010


I have had a fabulous weekend. Yesterday was spent crocheting. It was a beautiful day here, like most of winter, blue skies, about 22 deg (72F) but I really wanted to get stuck into some crocheting.

I had started making a hot water bottle cover, as although it is warm during the day here in winter, it is quite cold at night.  Cold for here anyway, cold enough for hot water bottles, maybe it's warm for everywhere else.

I found a pattern on the internet.  I didn't do a test square!  I just started it and checked after a few rows and it was the right width, so I kept on going.  The pattern was in half treble (UK) and I had completed about a third of it when I realised that although the width was ok, the length was going to be way too short, and I was going to use a lot of yarn.  I undid it and started it again using treble (UK) and basically making it up as I went along. It worked a lot better and the sizing was perfect, although as it is in a larger stitch it isn't as firm.

I will try making another one soon,  I am pretty happy with the result, and it used up some yarn I had lying around.

Today I went to Gympie, (pronounced gim pee), which is roughly 45 mins north up the highway, where there was a quilting and crafting show on this weekend.  I went with a girlfriend, we had a fabulous day. I took my camera but hardly took any photos. There were a couple of quilts I liked, but most were not to my taste.

We sat in the morning sun and had a lovely morning tea of home made scones with jam and cream.

I bought a Layer Cake of Rouenneries. I really enjoyed making the layer cake quilt a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I would make another one. I love this fabric line, and it was 25% off. Still heaps more expensive than buying from the States, but at least I have it now.

My friend bought these,

they are very cute ceramic buttons. I am going to make her a quilted laundry door hangy thingy (technical term) and sew these on.

Afterwards we went into Gympie and found a lovely pub that reminded me of the old country pubs in NSW, and we had a very nice lunch. We found out that Ian Moss (Cold Chisel) was going to be playing there later in the afternoon, if only we had known earlier we could have stayed and hung out with all the over 50s waiting to hear him play.

We have decided that we have to do a girly road trip sometime this winter and travel around south east queensland visiting all the country towns with quilting shops (and good pubs)! Hopefully I will take my camera and even more importantly, actually use it and take photos.


  1. Everything looks fab - Seems like you've been using yopur time productively :)

  2. Do you own every piece of Rouenneries in the Southern Hemisphere yet ?

    I think the hot water bottle cover is darling. you did an awesome job of it !

    Pub Lunch= Yum. Scones with jam and cream also =yum.

  3. It is my mission to own every piece left in the Southern hemisphere. I think I am just about done.


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