Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No snowball blocks this week

I've been busy today, I started and finished this scarf.

I found the yarn in Spotlight it is Moda Vera, Noemi an acrylic/polyamide mix. Not the warmest but it is nice and soft. It will be handy for visiting Melbourne.  It is crocheted in treble (UK) double crochet (US), it is approx an 8ply yarn and I used a 6.00mm hook. 

I love crochet it is so quick.

No snowball blocks this week, surprise surprise.

What can I say about the following photos?

Actually, there is lots I can say about these, where do I start?


  1. Your scarf looks like a rainbow! It is really lovely. I too, like crochet, it is much faster and I find that I don't have to think as much about what I am doing.

    I think the photo of your puppy sticking his tounge out is so cute. Don't you wonder what they are thinking sometimes?

  2. You did that in ONE day . I do hate you...

  3. I dont really hate you ...

    Well done on the scarf. Pretty. But you'll need more than that to keep warm in Melbourne. Do you have thermal undies by chance?

  4. Lovely scarf. Great colors! :-)

    Your pup is so cute! What is his name?

  5. Wow! Did you have time to EAT? Lovie it...you are so prolific!

  6. Thanks Mrs P!!!! and yes I do have thermal undies, and I will be taking them south with me, along with hats, gloves, thick socks, boots, heavy woolen jacket. Is there anything I have missed? Ear muffs might look a bit strange.
    Michelle his name is Karma.


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