Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The *#!* Snowball Block Saga (cont'd)

Well, here we are again, Tuesday, the fateful day of the week that I chose to do those beautiful, wonderful, marvellous blocks.

The days have flown by and I figured I had enough time to calm down from my disastrous attempt at *#!*ing Snowball blocks.  I attacked  (not literally, at this stage) them differently this time. I thought, maybe it was due to my haste and inexperience last time, that they were so utterly crap. This time I didn't rely on my nifty diagonal straight line sewy thingy (technical term). I actually drew the lines on this time and gave the nifty diagonal straight line sewy thingy the flick. I was told by a wise quilter that this was the only way to do snowballs that worked, and by the way 5" snowballs are very difficult. Thanks for that info now.

My other decision today was to only do a few, that way I was less likely to make mistakes and get pissed off annoyed with them.

So I only made 6  *#!*ing Snowball blocks.

Only 2 were pretty much 5" square. One, I only needed to re-do one corner, two were close enough, they weren't actually, but I was beyond trying to do them again, and one was total crap.

So that's it folks I now have 25 *#!*ing snowball blocks that are sort of squarish and roughly 5".

A crappy photo below taken in the early evening, it was getting dark and I wanted to post about them  get it over and done with, tonight.  A crappy photo of crappy blocks, he he.

(They actually don't look as bad as they do in the photo, they are not very photogenic.)

No more, it's all over, finished!!!!!

I am hoping that if I sash them with a very dark grey they will look absolutely fabulous. 

I can still hope can't I.

It is going to be bigger than a placemat,  maybe a table topper size. BUT, I am never ever going to put it on my table.

Please, please warn me, and/or remind me, if I suggest I am going to do anything other than really basic blocks next time.

Back to the crochet, and maybe a bucket of some Moose Milk to help me forget.

PS. Mrs P you must have been out of your mind when you suggested I only needed to make 120.


  1. I thought it was a given that I am out of my mind , no matter what I suggest?

    I actually REALLY like your blocks, and I;m not blowing smoke up your ar**. They look fabulous , all laid out like that. Cut them down to 4.75 inches and make 10 more. I SAID CUT AND GIVE ME TEN MORE!

    I really do like them - a lot- and the fabric choices are spot on.

    Sure you wont give it another go?

  2. Thank you very much.
    When you put it like that, maybe i could go back for round 3 next week. If nothing else it could be worth it for the entertainment factor.

  3. I love the bright colours on the dark fabric. Great choice. Cutting is a good idea to straighten them up, but making some more??? Is that good for your stress levels and blood pressure??

  4. I think your snowballs are great. Don't listen to Mrs. P (I know that she may think she is the voice of wisdom, but I am still questioning it!) You are doing a great job.

  5. Marg, I think you may be too hard on yourself. In your pic, the snowball blocks look fabulous! Love the colors. I bet you can make them work.


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